KU NMR Lab User Pages

Contact information (all area codes 785):

Main campus office, 3003 Malott Hall, 1251 Wescoe Hall Drive (Justin Douglas, Sarah Neuenswander 12-4 pm);
phone 864-4187, fax 864-5326

400 Lab, 3002 Malott; 500 Lab, B042 Malott; phone 864-4231

Molecular Structures Group business office: this position is vacant.  Refer fiscal questions to Ann Smith at KUCR, 864-7271, or Carla Ramirez at 864-7345.

800 Lab, 100 Structural Biology Center; 400 Lab, 104 SBC; NMR Office (Asokan Anbanandam), 111 SBC, 2121 Simons Drive, 864-3746

600 NMR Lab, 102 MRB

Field strength    Hostname    Location                   Default probe                                    How to access
       400             florence      3002 Malott             H/C/P/F/D autoswitching                  Self-service by reservation
       400             yosemite     104 SBC                  H/C/P/N/D autoswitching                 Self-service by reservation
       400             bigsur         104 SBC                  Broadband                                        Self-service by reservation (CMLD only)
       500             paris            B042 Malott            Broadband                                        Self-service by reservation
       500             siena            B042 Malott            Dual C/H cryoprobe                         Sign sample in on clipboard and leave in sample rack--samples run by automation
       600             kunmr6       102 MRB                 Inverse H/C/N triple resonance        Fill out sample submission form (available online) and leave in sample rack
       800             grandteton   100 SBC                 TCI cryoprobe                                  Same as 600

Samples are typically run on the 500 within a few hours on the same day they are received. The 600 and the 800 schedules are made to accommodate multi-day experiments on proteins and getting on those instruments may take up to a week, although it is usually substantially less.

Get familar with at least one of these backup options, and we recommend you make a backup at least every six months.
Local  forms and documentation: